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Italy is well-known for many things: their boot-shaped country, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the many various aspects of Rome. In addition to these, Italy is credited with the immaculate quality and design of their glass. Glass Design Italy is no exception.

Founded in 1984, Glass Design Italy adds artistic flair to all their products by master artisans whilst using a wide range of materials including following:

With exclusive collections created from pure crystal with a 24% lead content, Glass Design opts to employ a traditional method when forming their crystal bowls, preferring a mouth-blown process bevelled in stone versus the use of machine and technology.

Murano glass, created on the island of Murano, has a rich history of mouth-blown creation and artistic design. The most valuable marble in the world and the same material used to create Michelangelo’s David, Calacatta marble presents itself with a white crystalline structure and full-bodied veins.

Stone resin combined with glass pigments allow for a full range of colours from transparent to any RAL colour. Offering a great degree of strength, these items are much more durable than many alternatives.

Remarkable innovation with silicone materials offers a near-elastic quality that can retain its shape and can withstand extreme. Kid-friendly, this material is soft to the touch. Adult-friendly, the material is water-repellent.

Other materials used by Glass Design include a range of polymers, aluminium alloy and stainless steel.

Complementary brassware made in conjunction with DornBracht and an equally impressive assortment of accessories designed to impress make Glass Design a statement with every piece.

Aromabath currently display three bowls from Glass Design as part of the Florence Glass Atelier project. The focus on this range is the fusion of contemporary trends to crystal material.

The Graffiti round bowl is available in three different sizes and two different colour combinations. Displayed in black, gold and ivory, it is also available in a vibrant red, gold and ivory combination.

Also displayed is the Venice bowl in a sleek silver and black combination. It has two other styles available: gold and silver or brown and ivory. It is available in two different sizes.

The third bowl displayed by Aromabath is the Kalahari. Like the Graffiti, it is available in three sizes and two colour combinations. Displayed in black and silver, it is also available in a white and gold option.